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When I first became a mom, I knew immediately that I wanted to stay home.  It wasn't something that I ever imagined wanting, so it wasn't something that I planned or prepared for.  Luckily, I had a support system in place that allowed me to take time to figure out how to continue to stay home and support the two of us as a (single)mom.  I was able to find work that allowed me to have my son present, while supporting my family.


I see so many mothers that want to stay home, but don't believe that it is an option, because they need to support their families.  There is a huge need for mothers to find ways to align their work with their with the needs of their family.  All women should have the access and the ability to stay home, if that is what they choose for their families.  

Sovereign Motherhood: Work/Life on Your Terms

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Amazing resource to brainstorm ways to cut costs of living, strategize options to continue to stay home, and network with other Stay-at-home-Moms and Mompreneurs.  This is the free version of my Stay-at-Home-Strategy Program.  I want all moms to have the ability to stay home, regardless of your budget.  If you need more one-on-one guidance, support, and accountability, my Strategy Program is a better fit.


*The unedited version of the Develop Your "Why, What, and How" Training is included.  Access is through the fb group.  No coaching is involved.



Stay-at-Home-Strategy E-book

Are you more of the self-study type?  Would you rather read something and then implement the lessons?

My e-book is the perfect option.   Coming soon!







The Stay-at-Home-Strategy

Speedy Session





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