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Simple "Self-Care" Digital Schedule

Plus grocery list, habit tracker, and goal planning sheet!  Click here for your sample schedule!  You can print it out, but it's not editable.

This schedule is intended to organize your digital routines, such as podcasts, workouts, meditations, and meal planning.  I find that I am more likely to implement things when they are all in one place, but nothing seemed to be working for me, when it came to organizing digital links!  


 This can be kept open on your laptop or downloaded to your phone and saved to your drive, so it’s editable wherever you go. It can be tailored to fit your needs and can be used along with a paper planner.  I have included my morning/evening routines, areas for personal/professional growth, as well as creativity prompts. This will help you to let go of some of your mind clutter, simplify your life and routines, while introducing self-care and creativity into your life.  These were the first steps I took on my journey to a more intuitive, intentional, and freedom filled life.


You can use this digital schedule to plan out each month’s meals and self-care rituals.  Or to simplify things even more, plan out one schedule for each season and then use it for all 3 months.  It is less time-consuming and lasting change happens when you are able to really implement the themes that you are focusing on.  


I like to note how I am feeling, what things I want to focus on in life, and then implement them in my daily routine.  I choose to focus on letting go of one area of my life that no longer serves me and replace it with a routine that I want to implement.  For example, one month I might want to let go of financial instability, in order to implement abundance. Or fear to replace with faith. I then go on google or pinterest and search for meditations or visualizations on letting go of fear, I look up the types of workouts that I’m inspired to learn that month, and the type of diet that I want to implement for my health.  I type in the title and then, copy and paste the link from my browser, and insert it into the text. Anytime you come across a link in a group or online, add it to this schedule, so that you remember how to find it.

I hope this brings you as much ease and organization as it is bringing to my life.  If you need more support and accountability, I also offer customized plans and built in one-on-one virtual support, according to your specific needs.   Reach out if you'd like more info!


Simple Self-Care Digital Schedule

Simple Self-Care Digital Schedule

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