Follow Your Intuition

March 22, 2019

My response to the Chick-Fil-A employee when he commented on the full moon.  


Me "I know! It's beautiful and it's also Ostara, a Pagan celebration on the Spring's kind of like the new year welcoming the transition to Spring"


Employee: "Ohhhh...*quickly and kind of weirded out* I don't celebrate that. But thanks for sharing!"


Me: Under my breath "Umm, but you do..."


Easter. Ostara. Eggs. Fertility. Jesus' rebirth. Rebirth of the Earth.



So much of the Christian faith is intermingled with Paganism. I went through an awakening last year and my intuition was leading me on a search. I started questioning my faith, I was feeling things, but didn't know how to find answers to my questions. Books, people, documentaries were falling into my lap, they were my guides. And I was scared. The more I started questioning things, the more things in my life started to fall apart. It was like I no longer had a point of reference. Everything felt fake. Like it was all a lie. And a lot of it was.


I'm closer to God, to Jesus then I've ever been. But I've released the rules and the teachings that did not sit well with me. I no longer believe all of the bible was the inspired word of God. I know that man touched it and it wasn't inherent. I trusted my intuition, my inner knowing, the Holy Spirit.


Our power was suppressed. Our healing abilities. Our sovereignty. Our connection to the Earth.


The old ways were hidden. We forgot who we were. We forgot the ways of our ancestors. And people are finally waking up. I see it everywhere.


If God created everything, then doesn't it make sense that the Universe is divinely created? That everything has a purpose? The moon, the plants, and the energy all around us, affects us. We are all connected.


Please. Do your research. Question what doesn't sit well with you. Trust that God is guiding you and there is a reason that things don't make sense.


I am just a baby. I am learning and growing, I barely know anything, but the pieces are coming together and I no longer fear that I am forsaking God.


I am being guided with every step.


*And yes, I know that Chick-Fil-A is not a business that I should be supporting, for many reasons.  But their sauce is a bit of an addiction that I need to kick.  I'm on it....*



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