It's All About Freedom

March 20, 2019

Since transitioning from The Attached Caregiver, to Sovereign Motherhood, I've had so many changes, tried different things out, and had many re-alignments, just trying to figure out my message and what direction my business is going in.  I knew that my message was important and had meaning, but I just couldn't articulate what it was.  Bits and pieces of it made sense, but it's finally clear.


Simply put, Sovereign Motherhood is about freedom. To step into our power and to claim our sovereignty as women and mothers. Freedom from societal expectations, freedom to design a life that works for us. To inspire other mothers to be courageous in their pursuit of happiness.  


 Sovereign Motherhood is holistic design for a freedom-filled life and home. This incorporates all areas of your life...self, home, family, homeschool, work/business to create an existence that brings peace, joy, and purpose. By clearing out stuck energy and creating inner and outer environments that support your intentions, you allow the calm, content, and connected mother to be born.


 We are writing our story, authors of our own reality and vision for our lives.  I'll be focusing on ways that we can design a life with more freedom, by defining our priorities, setting intentions, and manifesting:
*Work that works FOR US and the lifestyle we want. To design more work/life balance. To be able to work alongside our children, not work that creates more stress and/or detachment from them.
*Financial freedom by decreasing our cost of living, allowing for less work, more adventures, less stress.
*Homes that are designed to bring us peace, refuge, and freedom. Not stress. That means different things to different people. It could be living in a tiny home or RV, having a big, organized home with minimal clutter, or being a maximalist, but creating spaces that work for the needs of our family.
*A mind and spirit that is free of negative patterns, mindset, attachments that prevent peace, and baggage. To become empowered to live out our purpose and find our true selves.
*A relationship with our children that frees them from generational patterns and trauma, that allows for connection and joy in raising them.
*Family life that is intentional and includes adventures, joy, and magic. 
*Communities and sisterhood for ourselves and our children that brings freedom, support, and balance.
*And if you homeschool, a homeschool life that brings freedom and allows for living life with our children, not stress and overwhelm.


Our existence is worth so much more than the day to day struggle. I don't want to live my life waiting for the day that I have more money, less chores, less work, less stress, an empty nest to be able to live out the life of my dreams. I don't want to wait to travel, to create, to enjoy life. I want to live that life now...alongside my children. To adventure, work, and create with them. They are only so little for so long and I want to design a life that works FOR US and allows for joy and presence.


In my life, that is by living minimally/tiny, traveling, creating community, and doing all different types of work that allows me to be with my child and homeschool, while supporting the lives of other families and helping them find freedom in their own lives. This includes: holistic design work (lifestyle, home, art), caregiving, pet sitting, energy work . None of these areas are separate from each other or from me.


Do you have the courage to drop the labels, follow your intuition, and take back society's power to define what your life looks like? It's time for you to claim your sovereignty as a woman and mother.

Your role as a mother is sacred and valuable, you are enough, and you can choose to live your life on your own terms. Your child's well-being, and the world as a whole, is directly tied to your ability to follow your intuition, diminish stressors, and design a life that you love.Demand peace. Find joy. Claim Your Purpose.

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