Unpacking Your Bags

March 16, 2019

We have been traveling for a month and for a supposed minimalist, I really don't pack like one.  

I have been lugging multiple bags into each destination and each time I think "I really need to go through my stuff and consolidate my bags".  But do I?  No.  I just go on carrying a million bags in and out of each location, knowing that there are things that I do not need.


It made me think about the invisible baggage we carry throughout our lives.  The thoughts, beliefs, habits, and unspoken rules that lead us subconsciously.  It's not enough to just acknowledge them, we need to intentionally sit with them and unpack them individually, lest we let them lead us forever.  But many of us will never take the time to do that.  We just go on making decisions, getting into and out of relationships, and living the same existence...over and over.  


A few of us have life changing moments that cause us to question our beliefs.  We awaken to the idea that there are underlying, unspoken rules that have been guiding us.  They come from our families, the schools, the government, the media, but what comes from within us?  Have you ever actually sat with those beliefs and wondered if they even made sense?  Or have you just been living with them for so long that you just assumed that society...the "powers that be"...knew better than your inner knowing?


What world do we live in that puts limits on parents that want to be with their children, educate them outside of the state's guidance, and/or refuse to just blatantly trust medical professionals without doing additional research? Have we gotten so comfortable with the rules that we no longer listen to or question anything outside of the norm?  Have we lost the ability to trust ourselves, our intuition, heck...common sense???  What kind of world do we live in that allows children to remain with abusive parents, but are taken from parents that go against mainstream beliefs and parent intuitively?  What world are we living in that questions the safety of home-birth, while our country has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the industrialized world? Modern parenting, education, and modern medicine have replaced the ways that our ancestors lived, birthed babies, healed our communities, and parented for generations before us.  


One of the hardest things for me to see is a woman that refuses to step into her power, as a mother.  We are given this inner knowing that can guide our decisions and our mothering, but often, we revert to our elders, mainstream ideas, or medical professionals that have limited knowledge about parenting.  Mothers who feel an inner pull to stay home or to respond to their baby's cry, but fear that they are doing something wrong or making them too attached, because opinionated family members or doctors advise against it.


I invite you to explore the areas where your subconscious is guiding your life.  What beliefs and ideas need to be processed and unpacked?  What baggage is guiding your life and your parenting?  Is it your intuition OR societal rules?  Do you recognize the generational patterns that are invisibly guiding you and need to be released? What areas of your life have you given away your power and sovereignty?  How will you design a life that supports YOUR beliefs and desires?






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