Design a Life You Love

January 22, 2019

Confused on how to design a life you love?  It's simple.  Just say yes to the woman you were meant to be.


I just want you to know, if you are struggling to become a different version of yourself, I get it!  And if you're feeling confused, keep reading, I have some tips at the bottom.




My business is being featured in Boston Voyager this month and I was asked if I've ever had any struggles in business.  Um, yes!  


About a year and a half ago, my son and I were going through an incredibly difficult time and I was ready to throw away my dreams of homeschooling and having a location independent business. Everything felt so hard, I was stuck, and I didn’t feel like I had any other options than to go back to work and put him in school. But through a process that could only have been divine intervention, I was able to find my center again, by following my intuition and simplifying my life.  


I started detaching from the physical and energetic attachments that were preventing peace and I started healing myself through my creativity. This was the same creativity that I had left behind in 2000 when I refused to submit my portfolio to Rhode Island School of Design, to follow my dreams to become an artist and interior decorator! I started following my curiosity and gave myself the space to claim my purpose and allow my true self to unfold. Embracing my sovereignty was about reclaiming my power to govern and rule my own life.  That’s when my new business was born, Sovereign Sovereign Motherhood Design.


This time around, I wasn’t prepared to transition to the virtual world and was overwhelmed by traumatic events that had unfolded during that time. I was stuck, emotionally and financially. We were at risk of becoming homeless, so I returned to Massachusetts in March and left behind both businesses and our entire lives in Texas. I had to completely start over and it has not been easy, but I have been letting go of work that is not in alignment with the intentions I have for my life, following my curiosity, and taking things one day at a time.  Things were not flowing for a while, but releasing my mindset blocks has been a huge part of this process. Once I released those energetic blocks, the creativity has been flowing and I have been gaining clarity on the direction that I want for my life and business.


I have spent the last year creating massive change in my personal and professional life and realized that mothers need to know that there are options. This is more than finding ways to stay home or starting a business. We have the power to design a life we love, in all areas! We need to reclaim that power and sovereignty over our lives.


I've been following Leo King for awhile and his predictions for the Lunar Eclipse on January 20/21st has a lot of to do becoming who you were always meant to be.  There were events between 1998 and 2000 that changed us, but during that time, we were our true selves.  I started thinking back to my life during that time and there were some themes that I see reappearing in my life. I was an artist and performer.  I loved to sing and act. I wanted to be an interior designer. I had vibrant red hair and had a strong group of friends who were like sisters.  Life was joyful and fun.  I had an amazing boyfriend who adored me and I was a vegetarian. 


At the beginning of my senior year, my dad died.  My entire world stopped. It changed the trajectory of my entire life. 


After my dad died, I completely shut down and took so many wrong turns.  I started partying more.  I stopped recognizing my worth and allowed myself to date men that were not good for me and did not value me.  I could no longer sing or act.  I stopped accepting love into my life.  I became an atheist.  I started eating meat again.  I refused to apply to art school.  I was no longer Elizabeth...until a year and a half ago when she started appearing again.   


All of a sudden I was singing again.  I started bullet journaling and remembered that I could draw.  I no longer allow toxic men in my life and I recognize my worth.  I have a strong faith and relationship with my Creator.  I am about to launch my Holistic Decorating Services.  I started developing an aversion to meat and I've been feeling pulled to dye my hair red.  I realized the power of forgiveness, letting go my ego, and choosing sisterhood.


 Whether you believe in astrology or not, I bet you've been feeling a change, as well.



Are you feeling the pull to follow your dreams?  Are you confused on where to start and how to balance it all with a family and/or a full-time job?  Having a support system has been huge in my journey and not everyone has that, so if you don't. My advice is:


1) Simplify your life as much as possible. De-clutter your home and your mind of things that will take you away from the things that you want to achieve and how you want to be spending your time.


2)  Decrease your spending as much as possible. Find ways to lower your cost of living and consider finding a cooperative living situation where you can lower your expenses while having a built-in support system. Believe me, running a business is much easier when your child has other children to play with and you’re not stressing over astronomical bills!


3) Decide what your priorities are. Align your work and your family life with those priorities and then let the rest go. I’ve allowed myself to try on different things this year and despite liking some of the work or dreaming of focusing on it someday, it didn’t line up with my main priority, being a present mom, homeschooling my son, and setting up our lives so that we have had the ability to travel. So, I let those things go. A great visualization for this is creating a virtual vision board in a graphic design program, like Canva. You can add pics of your priorities and it gives you visual motivation and reminders. The majority of items on my vision board for 2018 have mostly all been achieved. Remember, just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean that you should.  


4) Believe. Believe so deeply that you can create an amazing life and business. Believe and know that the world needs your gifts. Your mindset is the most important thing in this equation.  Thanks to my coach, Cara Mendez, for that!  *side note: Cara is launching Chaos to Grace Revolution for homeschooling mompreneurs and it's going to be phenomenal*


5) Surround yourself with other people who are on the same path and have the same mindset as you. Align your social circle with people who are energetically in-tune with where you are going and what you want to achieve. Don’t share your story with people who will not support you or who will shoot down your dreams.


6) Just act. Stop waiting for the perfect website or spending thousands starting something up. You don’t need any of that. I am a business DIYer. You can basically teach yourself how to do anything on Instagram. That’s how I taught myself basic graphic design. You don’t need thousands of dollars to hire someone to do all of the tech stuff. Until you are making money, just start with something and grow from there.  When you are making good money, then hire someone.  


7) Develop a morning routine and daily self-care that consists of exercise, meditation, and journaling. Become a morning person. I’m still working on that one! I am a night owl, but I greatly benefit from going to bed early and waking up at 5.


8) Go back to the ten-year-old version of yourself and remember who she was. What inspired her? Who did she want to become? What did she spend her time doing? Then take her back to the present with you. Find who you were, before life happened. Allow her to infuse herself into your life and business. Don’t worry about having everything figured out. You just need you and a plan. Even if the plan consists of one idea, it will unfold and natural transition into different things. Don’t fear that change or growth. Let it flow naturally.


9) Decide who you want to be and how you want to feel. Write out those affirmations all over your home. Pretty soon you will be that version of yourself.


10) Find an accountability partner. Someone that you can do daily check-ins through messenger where you go over your goals and what tasks you completed.


These are some of the steps that I implemented to create massive change in my life.  Remember, dream big and "just do the next right thing".  Baby steps and consistency will get you to your goals.  Start today, instead of waiting for the perfect moment.


If you need more support, make sure to subscribe to my website and download my 2019 Design a  Life You Love, self-coaching packet and Printable Bullet Journal.

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