How A Sunday Routine Will Help You Jumpstart Your Week

November 14, 2018

I've had rhythms and routines in place for years, but I recently started implementing a self-care routine for the week and it has really helped me to be more successful.   



Self-Care Sunday used to include relaxing in nature and we would usually grill with family or go to the lake. 



Now that Fall has set in and Winter is approaching, I have definitely implemented a seasonal self-care routine that involves warm meals, cozy blankets, snuggles, and shows.  Sometimes we have a big bonfire, s'mores, and hot chocolate, to set the tone for the week.  I am loving that, but that isn't the part of my routine that has changed everything for me!  It was the routines and intentions that I set for my life, business, and home that is really proving to be helpful.


Each Sunday I organize my life so that the upcoming week will run smoothly and I can spend more time doing the things that I love, like art and spending intentional time with family and friends.  These are the current routines that I have implemented.


Clean out the car.  

Oh my changer!  I know I'm not the only one with a disgusting trash bag of a car.  It kills me to get into my car every morning and see food wrappers, half-eaten food, toys, and trash.  Kills me.  I immediately get angry and want to run away from the car.  So now, every Sunday my son and I clean out the car.  We bring in all the toys, clothes, and books that are littered in the back seat.  We clean out the trunk.  We throw out trash, shake out the rugs or vacuum, and wipe down the seats with a soapy rag.  *I'm not even going to discuss what is under his booster seat each weak.  Horrifying*


Clean out my purse.

Not even going to know that's a trash can, too.  I dump everything out of my bag, throw away trash, organize or discard of receipts, and make sure that I have all the essentials.  It's one new routine that is helping things to feel more organized.


Meal Plan.  I go through the pantry and fridge and write down all of the ingredients that I have for meals.  I then plan out meals for each day, using the ingredients that I have on hand.  I used to meal prep on Sundays and batch cook.  I think that I'd like to start doing that again, because it cut down on weekly stressors, like cooking.



I go through each of my accounts and note how much is available for the week.  I check when bills are due and make sure that there is enough in the account to cover each bill.  Each week I set an intention for the money that comes in and out of my life, plus express gratitude and appreciation, even if money is tight.  It sends out the vibration that I am aligned with abundance and I definitely notice my needs being met.  Random money will appear that I didn't expect, even!  It's kind of crazy.


Another tip that I haven't implemented, but it's on my to-do list...paying a set amount for ALL your bills, each week, instead of the date it's due.  One of my friends pays her bills weekly, instead of monthly.  Each week a weekly amount is paid and it helps her to budget easily, without trying to figure out how to budget bills that all fall on the same week.  I absolutely love this idea and want to start implementing it into my own life.  I'm not sure if she has a separate bill account that money gets deposited into, but that's what I"m assuming.  I'll find out more and write about it in another blog post!


Set up my bullet journal for the week.

I set up and write out my weekly pages, then fill in any scheduled events that I have saved in my future pages, on facebook, or on the events website for our city. 



Beauty Routine.

I wax, do my nails, or whatever I need to make myself feel and look put together.  I definitely have a minimalist approach to beauty, so my weekly routine isn't complex, but it keeps me accountable so that things don't slide.  I can make a mental note if it's time to trim my nails, pluck, or whatever else needs to be done.  


Set intentions for the week.  

I go over what I accomplished the week before and set my intentions for the upcoming week.  I check in with myself and see what things felt difficult and focus on those areas, whether that means more mediation, focused work time, or a higher intensity workout, that's what I set my intentions on.


These are my current Sunday rituals and routines, that I've been enjoying. 


Next week I'll go over my daily routines that are intended to keep my life in check, but sometimes they don't get done until Sunday!  What are some of your Sunday Rhythms and Routines that I need to add to my list?  Comment below and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter for my art freebies and my printable Momma Care PDF that describes all of the mindfulness routines that I implemented to find my center and create space for creativity.



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