Do you want more time? Get rid of the clutter that steals it.

October 23, 2018

I have always hated the belief that "your kids are only little once.  Let the chores go" or whatever phrase it is.  


No.  Just no.


That mess, those chores, that clutter might not be taken care of and you might have more time with your kids, but I can promise you, it's taking up space in your mind.  You think about it, stress about it, and wonder when you will manage it.


Get rid of it.  Seriously.  All. Of. It.  
















Create a home that is filled with intentional objects that you absolutely love.  Create rooms that flow with the structure of the space and with the needs of your family.  Detach from the things that you need to take care of and create space for intentional family life, self-care, and creativity.




Stop taking care of all your shit and live your life.


You will never get these years back and I feel you, Momma.  I know that it weighs on you and worries you. That the clutter and the chores are always on your mind.


I was at my friend's house this weekend and she was so laid back, just the epitome of a good host. The kids could relax, act like kids, make messes, and everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Her home was so cozy and uncluttered.  And she evoked the way I want to always be as a mom, the way I always want to feel when I have guests.  


 I suffer from OCD and anxiety.  I have developed strategies that have helped me cope, but there are times, like recently, when I haven't felt as balanced.  I feel overstimulated and stressed when my home feels disorganized, cluttered, or the spaces don't flow well.  The yelling of kid's voices gives me anxiety and the messes are stressful.  Having extra things or too much to do, is very overwhelming to me.


In April, I got rid of everything and only kept the things that I absolutely love and adore.  


My intuition has increased, my creativity was awakened, and I have time to be the mom and woman that I want to be.  Every day I am able to align my needs with the life that I want.  I have created time to craft, write, and read.  The three things that I need to feel balanced.  I have slowed down and I have been more intentional with my family.  


Things are not perfect, but every day I get closer to my goal of having an intuitive, intentional, and freedom filled life and home.  There are some areas of my life that I am still de-cluttering, such as my mindset, finances, goals, and discovering my purpose.  Those areas do still take up more space than I would like to admit and I tend to feel scattered and unable to move forward, when I am preoccupied with worry over those areas.


What are the steps that I found most important in my own journey?

1) De-clutter your home.  Be intentional with what comes into your home and what is allowed to stay.  Decide how you want your home to flow, how you want it to feel, and what you want your family life to feel like.

2) De-clutter your mind.  Decide what ideas, beliefs, thoughts help you or hinder you.  Focus on healing and spend time educating yourself on the importance of mindset, consciousness, and the power we hold within ourselves.

3) Create routines that simplify your life and put things on autopilot.  Next week I will share my new Sunday night routine that is ahhhhmazing and sooo helpful!

4) Develop self-care rituals and a morning routine that recharges you and sets the day up for success.

5) Bullet is probably the single most influential act this year.  I have become more organized, it promotes self-care, creativity, and gives me a space to declutter my brain and to-do list.  If you already have a planning routine you love, then start journaling.  Set goals and put them on paper, with the reasons why you set them and what they will do for your life.  Decide what you want your life to look like.  Decide who you want to be.  How you want to feel.  Create that version.  

Ask yourself what you want your life to look like.  Are your daily tasks and work flow conducive to that life?  Are your tasks in alignment with what you want?



Are you feeling the pull to declutter your life and be more intentional?  What areas are you struggling with?  Feel free to grab my free printable that details the steps I took on my journey, including a printable morning and evening routine, plus affirmation prompt.  You can grab it here


Is your physical space causing you stress?  Do you need one-on-one de-cluttering, decorating, or re-purposing spaces?  Email me here and we can discuss how I can help you develop routines or create a vision for your space.  


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