Stop, Think, Observe, Proceed

August 6, 2018

Calvin and I had a great morning yesterday, just filled with spontaneity and play.

At about 930am, our Saturday morning cartoons were interrupted by strong showers, so we decided to run through the rain and pick blueberries in the yard. We got soaked!

The rain continued to pour down and midway through breakfast, we lost power. Perfect time to run to the store, since we couldn't do much else without power. Little did I know that the rain was accompanied by a tornado that had touched down in my town. I was absolutely oblivious, because I had never received the severe weather notification on my phone.  



Not only did I miss the signs of it, the town had lost all power to the stoplights and people were plowing through the intersections, not even noticing that they didn't have a light directing them.

Our drive to the store was terrifying. At every 4 way intersection, people were driving through, without stopping and taking turns. Just completely oblivious that the lights weren't working. Half of the drivers were
talking on their phones. I just couldn't understand… did they not know to stop without a red light or a police officer directing then?

As a society, have we lost all ability to think for ourselves? With advances that have improved our lives, are we unable to direct our own lives? Have we developed too strong of a dependence on external forces directing us?

With the internet, Siri, and GPS...even with doctors, church leaders, therapists, parenting advice, books, political memes, inundating our brains with constant info...we have become dependent on that input to lead our lives. Everything is guiding us…except us. When those tools aren't present, it's like we are unable to adjust.

When did we lose the ability to follow our own guiding light? The intuitive nudges, the small signs that tell us we are headed in the right direction, or the warnings that we are headed the wrong way?

When I first became pregnant, I had premonitions about Calvin. I knew exactly what he would look like and that he was a little boy. My intuition continued to guide me throughout my pregnancy, as I was led to have him at home, to forego circumcision, and after his birth, to choose intuitive/attachment promoting practices as I raised him. Later on, that same knowing, guided me to continue to stay home with him and eventually to pursue homeschooling.

It wasn't because of some book I read, it was because that's the parent my child needed.

Throughout my pregnancy, I prayed for answers on how to raise him and with that, teachers and tiny bits of knowledge appeared, to guide me to seek my own answers, and eventually embrace ideas that were outside of my frame of reference.

That was our path and what our family and my son needed, but that doesn't make it the path for everyone. But how did I know that? How did I know that path was right for us?

Because I was able to slow down our life enough to live from a place of ease. Our path was guided by that inner knowing, instead of confusion. We were so energetically connected, that it was easy to develop a flow and to have enough presence to knowingly make the right choices for us.

Some people call it intuition, I call it the Holy Spirit.

With each passing year, and with decisions that were made from a place of fear or outside pressure, I had fallen away from that inner voice. I was living in a constant state of confusion. Our lives were suffering. I was constantly searching for answers, begging for someone to save us, to help me figure out what was wrong and how to fix it. To tell me how to get back to the way things were.

No one knew. Everyone had different advice from their own frame of reference.

Then one day, I knew. I knew I needed to silence all of it and follow the breadcrumbs. To detach from the people and things that stole my presence and crowded my mind… that stole and poisoned my energy, to get back to that state of ease...a life of intuitive and intentional living.

I had to detach from all of it, even my own ego, the things that I prided myself on, and had become a part of the labels that defined Elizabeth. I had to go back in time, put out my hand, and grasp 10 year old, Elizabeth… the artist, the writer, the bookworm, the lover of animals and nature, the interior decorator, the empath, the creative. And bring her home.  

I can see it happening all around us. People following the breadcrumbs and awakening to the truth. Recognizing that we are here for a reason, we are connected, and we don't need to look to outside sources to guide our lives. We have our inner light, just waiting for us to slow down enough, to recognize its presence, and to take our hand.

And for the rest, if the stoplights aren't working, let that guide you to slow down, Stop, Think, Observe, Proceed. If something feels off, it's because it is.

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Tell me, are you stopped at the light, waiting to proceed, or are you unaware that you even need to slow down? Comment below!


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