Feeling overwhelmed again?!  How rituals and routines simplify life for (single) mothers.

September 4, 2018

Overwhelmed, as usual.  Is there ever going to be a time in our parenting journey where we feel like we are on top of everything? 


What are your tips for balancing your life and keeping up with daily tasks?  I have found that routines help me stay grounded and less likely to feel overwhelmed.  If I fall out of a routine, like I have been for the past few weeks, things start to feel chaotic.  I have morning routines, nightly routines, cleaning routines, etc.  I have also started to menu plan a week in advance, instead of waiting for Friday nights and then wasting time trying to meal plan for the week.  I shop 2x a month, so the shopping trips don't eat into my life, either.  Routines and minimizing distractions, like blocking social media from my phone and only checking on my laptop 2x a day, have been key to my sanity.  


This is all coming from the woman who just complained about feeling overwhelmed!


Here is an example of a few of my routines:


AM Routine:

Wake up, bathroom and brush teeth

Do my morning routine, then work until Calvin wakes up.

Snuggle with C

Make beds and open curtains

Make breakfast

Load and unload washer and dryer

Unload dishes from drying rack and wash dishes from breakfast


Daily Outing


PM Routine: 

Quick mail sort, recycle junk mail and organize mail.

Come home and make dinner.  C either makes dinner with me or relaxes with a show or his toys.

Eat together.

Wash dishes.  C either helps or watches a show.

Sweep and mop kitchen.

Take out garbage

Wipe kitchen counters, sink, table

Quick pick up

C bathes while I read him books

Snuggle and watch show with C or do our nightly rituals.

Read books with C and lay with him until he falls asleep

ME TIME!  Sometimes I like to read books or watch a show and lift weights.  I try to work on my business at this time, but find that I'm not as focused or productive.  It's strictly devoted to me.  




Daily Cleaning Routine:  

Wipe down sink

Unload drying rack and wash dishes after every meal

Load and unload washer and dryer, sort clothes into baskets by person.

Fold clothes while watching a movie on the weekend

Sort mail every day


Daily Zones

Weekly Routines:  


Cleaning Zone- Bathroom

Meal Plan- Meatless Monday

Family Ritual: Music and Movement (we sing, dance)



Cleaning Zone- My Bedroom

Meal Plan- Taco Tuesday 

Family Ritual: Poetry Tea Time



Cleaning Zone- Living Room

Meal Plan- Wow 'em Wednesday (we try a new recipe)

Family Ritual- Wellness Wednesday (we do yoga or meditate)



Cleaning Zone- Kitchen/Dining

Meal Plan- Calvin's Choice (he picks out dinner)

Ritual: Calvin's choice (usually video games, watch shows, or go on an outing)



Cleaning Zone- Calvin's Room

Meal Plan- Fast Food (we eat out)

Family Ritual:  Family Fun Night (we go on an outing to a kids museum, outdoor movie, board games, or backyard games, like flashlight tag)



Cleaning Zone- No cleaning

Meal Plan- Pizza 

Family Ritual- Cinema and Snacks (we watch a movie, have popcorn, and candy)



Cleaning Zone- Outside/Yard work

Meal Plan- Sunday Roast

Family Ritual- Self-care Sunday (we go to the beach or relax at home)


What rituals and routines do you have in your home?  How do you find balance and live more intentionally?  Do you struggle in any of these areas?  What do you need for help?


I put together some printable routines that you can download HERE to help you get more clarity in your life and home.  The last you have to think about, the more time you have to be present for the people, places, and things that are important to you.  Click here to subscribe to my website and receive free printables and offers delivered right to your inbox!  Also, keep checking in with my shop for the release of my hand-drawn bullet journal printable routines and rituals.








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