We are meant to create.

May 8, 2018

When was the last time that you created something?


Anytime I feel off, I can always pinpoint the last time that I created something and if it was in the distant past, I tend to lack joy and feel unfulfilled in that area of my life.


I was just laying in bed, after putting my son to sleep, and felt this sudden urge to create something.  It wasn't a tiny nudge, it was a full blown explosion of ideas.  From the type of life that I want to create, to an idea for jewelry, and an article I wanted to write, I was mind mapping everything out.  


I jumped out of bed, words were swirling in my brain, and I needed to get everything out on paper. I quickly made a cup of tea, sat down with my laptop, and proceeded to do everything imaginable, except put my words to paper.




Why is it so difficult to do the one thing that you know that your soul needs?  If I had just sat down and written something, I could have enjoyed that moment and then gone on to finish up the tasks that I needed to complete.  


I literally detached from everything this year and have very little personal items that I need to organize or care for.  But it doesn't matter. I will always find something to busy myself with and prevent myself from feeling joy or fulfilling my desires.  


Why do we do these things, as humans?  I can't be the only one.  


I even find it impossible to truly relax and watch a movie. I have to be folding laundry, working on my business, organizing paperwork, etc.  


Every day I long for this image of myself in a cabin in the woods, where I'm out in nature, tending to the things that matter, with the earth under my feet and a book in my hand.  I can choose to sit and relax, tend to the garden, or run with my child.  Where the busyness and unnecessary evils don't exist and I get to focus on what truly matters.  To slow down and enjoy life.  One of these days I will.  



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