What is your calling? Do you have the courage to pursue it?

February 16, 2018

I'm just going to be real with you. I've always been a terrible employee. I hated the commitment, the alarm clock, the Sundays that I couldn't enjoy because I would be dreading the Monday that followed.


When I think about my dad, he was the same way. He was always sick, coming up with random business ideas, researching ways to make money while staying home. It's obvious now where I got my work ethic from.


But in the spirit of letting go of the things that no longer serve me, I'm just going to shut that belief down. MY work ethic is strong for MY WORK. I'm not lazy, I'm not lacking motivation, I'm driven, but it has to be filled with purpose and on my own terms. You don't see many people up until 4am if it's not. But I can't force myself to do anything that doesn't drive me. If I feel controlled or forced in any way, I'm not driven to do it.




A few things have been coming up for me lately. The word "mire: state of difficulty or distress" and I've been seeing the number 1 and 13 multiple times a day, in different combinations. In my research, the numbers 1 and 3 have different qualities, some being new beginnings, creating, ambition, intuition, clarity, fulfillment, creating your own reality, expansion, freedom seeking, psychic ability, manifestion.


I haven't hid that this has been a rough year, emotionally and financially. But it is very clear to me that the act of letting go of the things that do not serve me and allowing space for the things that do, has been a powerful act in my psyche. I believe that this year is a spiritual rebirth for me, coincidence that my birth date is 1/13? I doubt it.


I'm being awakened spiritually, to claim my purpose in life. I strongly believe that we can have anything that we claim as our own. Why do we long for more time with our families or count down the days to retirement? Why dream about homeschooling our kids or being a SAHM, but believe that our lives aren't set up to achieve that? Or maybe we feel stuck being a SAHM and dream of having a career outside of the home or our own business that allows us to have both? Why can't we have anything that we want? We shouldn't be forced to live an existence that is anything but powerful or fulfilling? Do your days light you up? Are you the mom or partner that you desire to be? What area of your life is missing? Do you need to let go of something to ignite something else? I invite all of us to explore that. There's so much clarity that I need in my own life and business. I'm going to really turn inward and journal, pray, meditate on what God is seeking from me at this point in my life. I know that I am called to something great. What are you being called to do? Who will you become?


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