Building an empire and the little eyes that are watching.

January 31, 2018

He insisted on carrying this bag for me, even though we parked on the other side of the plaza. This little boy is so understanding and loves me unconditionally, even when funds are low, my stress is high, patience is dwindling, and we can't do everything that he wants. He cheers me on and tells me that we have the best life together. 

I was listening to the Oprah Super Soul Conversations podcast yesterday, the Daring Greatly one where Brene Brown was sharing about her TedTalk on vulnerability and I felt like she was speaking to me. That feeling of being a fraud. 


Here's my vulnerability post: I felt defeated yesterday, like a fraud. How can I coach women in how to stay home, when financially I've been sinking for months? How can I help them transition into single parenting when I'm feeling mad as hell about it this week? I've been feeling stuck and in a place of fear, unable to move forward in my life/business. So I've been self-sabotaging like crazy. Just listening to all these old tracks and allowing myself to become stuck in victim mode. So last night, I wrote out all of the things that I was going to let go of, I brought a candle outside, stood under the light of the moon, and prayed to God to help me release my fears, provide for my family, move forward, release the past, and the people that are no longer in my life . I blew out the candle and went to bed.

I woke up today and was on fire. I had so much clarity and motivation. I updated my website and services, decided on how I wanted to move forward with one service, in particular. Choosing to stay home has never been easy, but it has been so worth it. Maybe I'm not financially abundant in this very moment, but I have been, and we will be, again. But we are still doing this! I'm still home, still homeschooling, and living this beautiful life that we love and that I've chosen. We have a roof over our heads, family and friends that love us, and a vision that needs to be fulfilled. This life is everything that I want and this is my year to claim it all. It's no longer about just getting by or hustling to pay the bills. We will live abundantly and with ease. ❤ 

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