Do you realize that your thoughts create your reality? What are you telling yourself?

January 10, 2018

Do you realize that your thoughts have an effect on your reality? Change the way you speak to yourself to change your life. Instead of "I need to follow a budget. I'm bad with money" SAY "I will be financially responsible this year. I deserve financial stability and will earn more". Then visualize what you will do with the money that is coming your way. Imagine how you will feel if your bills are paid, you are able to save, give more, and not stress over every purchase. 


When I first started tithing, it was years ago and I realized that if I kept telling myself that I didn't have enough, I'd never have enough. Something amazing happens when I'm consistent about giving, my bills are paid and money comes in when I need it. If I say "I have more than enough to give to the needy" and give freely, I live in abundance.

Guard your thoughts. Turn every negative into a positive and announce what you WILL DO, not just what you want. A huge block can be removed when you shift your mindset. It's not enough to eat something, you need to WILL IT to be true. "I will be consistent with my morning routine"
"I will meditate daily"
"I will be in a healthy relationship with love and respect"
"I will eat whole foods and will limit sugar and starches"

What WILL you do this year?

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