The Year of the Woman

December 2, 2017

I'm just going to call this "The Year of the Woman". I keep witnessing these huge, life changing, heart stopping moments in the lives of all the women around me and it's difficult to articulate what I'm seeing, but it's powerful and transformative. It's a deeper consciousness and connection between our lives and experiences. Events have happened this year that have been like a domino effect and once they were set into motion they could not be undone, no matter how much we wanted to go back in time to undo them. 
I've witnessed relationships being dismantled and relationships being reborn. Women finding their voices and their purpose, losing their faith and finding it, losing each other and finding ourselves. Letting go of the lives that no longer serve us and becoming the women that we were created to be. I've watched women who were afraid of confrontation and conflict find THEMSELVES within their struggle. I've seen heartbreak, letting go, and walking away from relationships that are not a part of who we are anymore. I've seen women stand up to their bullies. I've seen women speak up for themselves, set boundaries, and be warriors for their families. I've seen women demand self-care for themselves.

I've heard us yell out "this is not what I want for my life" and then watched us go out and find what it is that we do want. 
This year was catastrophic and transformative. Devastating and empowering. Destructive and repurposeful (I know that's not a real word...I don't care). Life taking and life giving. 
I can only dream what 2018 will bring into the lives of the women around me. I know that I will demand peace, find joy, and claim my purpose. I will find ways to love myself, while caring for others. I will be passionate in all that I do. I will become a woman and mother that I am truly proud of. I will CREATE a life that I love and empower other women to do the same.



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