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Holistic Art and home decor

I create holistic, hand-drawn and painted designs using symbolism, such as sacred geometry, color therapy, botanicals, animal totems, to create visual anchors to manifest your intentions.  Each design is created with intention.  All words, colors, and images serve to support, bless, and heal your life and home.    My shop includes a variety of ink-drawn and hand-lettered pen and ink printable decor, such as Gallery Wall prints, planner pages, and printable Dry-Erase Boards to help you simplify your life and home, so that you can create space for the things that matter to you.   All of my printable items are available immediately and no product is mailed.   A link will be emailed with instructions to download the product.

All of my  physical products  are created using re-purposed, recycled, natural, or found materials and are available for local pick-up or shipping, in some cases..  

Due to the nature of my work and using found items, with the exclusion of my printable products, all of my decor is one of a kind and limited supply.   I create hand-drawn, painted, and hand-lettered products with current resources and products change frequently.

What is holistic decor? 

It is home decor that is purposeful, beautiful, intentionally, and sustainably created. 


What if each item in your home was there because you truly loved it, it was bought with intention, and served a purpose?  What if, instead of going out and buying new things, you were able to re-purpose the items you already owned or only buy things that truly belonged in your home? 

An intentional home is comprised of objects, practices, and rituals that are infused with thought and purpose.    It is warm and inviting.  It is there to serve it's people and not for it's people to be held captive by it's tasks and upkeep.

I love infusing my creativity into old, discarded items.  Bringing beauty to the broken parts and creating new life!  Or even creating something new from items found in nature, like clay and discarded wood.  In my shop, you will find decor that was created with a purpose in mind.  It is created with found items, so it does not contribute to the clutter in your home and the trash that is discarded into our environment.  It was created to simplify your life, home, business, and homeschool, with a dose of beauty and an abundance of purpose.









I am skilled at hand drawing, basic hand lettering, and making custom printables, bullet journals, banners, stationery, and re-purposing furniture.  If you would like any custom work done, please fill out the form below.




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love, elizabeth

Hello!  Elizabeth here!

Homeschooling, (single)mom, unintentional minimalist, and creator.  Just trusting my intuition, following my curiosity, and remembering who I AM.

Follow my little family's adventures in life,  homeschooling, entrepreneurship, and travel.  

Holistic lifestyle, art, home design for freedom-seeking Mothers.

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