List of My Favorite Resources, Websites, and Products to Simplify Motherhood:

I struggle with information overload and not knowing where to look when I need help.   I want all of my favorite resources in one place for easy accessibility for my readers.  These are the tips and tricks that I used in my parenting journey and continue to recommend to people.  So read on! 

My Favorite Pregnancy and Natural Childbirth Resources:

+Do you want a relaxed birth, possibly pain free labor?  The meditations are incredibly relaxing and took all of my fear away.

I was terrified of childbirth and the self-study Hypnobabies course was life-changing!  It led me on a natural childbirth and parenting path.

+If you want to understand circumcision, this is a great resource.  Just a warning, I learned more than I ever wanted to know about circumcision, which led me to become an advocate against this practice:

50 Reasons to Leave it Alone

+Do you want an unbiased book to help you make informed decisions regarding vaccines?  The Dr. Sears Vaccine Book was my favorite.

My Favorite Resources for the Baby Years:

+Babywearing: I used to call my baby carrier, my surrogate husband.  As a solo parent, it allowed me to cook and clean while keeping my son close and secure.  Lillebaby Soft-Structured Carrier and my Baby K'Tan were my two favorites.  I actually never owned the Lille baby, but tried one on once and loved it!   I regretted not owning one.  

+Teething babies are no fun, but I strongly suggest getting an Amber Necklace

I forgot to put it on my son for a week and couldn't figure out why he was so cranky.  It really works.

+The Wonder Weeks Book   is a great resource for understanding developmental leaps and why your child is acting irritable.

+The Happiest Baby on the Block was great for soothing my son.  I suggest looking up the 5 S's, instead of buying the book. It's not necessary.

+Baby Led Weaning book is a great resource to introduce whole, healthy food to your baby.

My Favorite Parenting Resources:

+Aha Parenting Blog gives great tips and really helps you understand child development and what is normal and healthy.  I recommend her website to everyone.

+Attachment Parenting International is a wonderful resource for helping your child develop a strong, secure,  healthy attachment.

+How to Talk, So Your Kids Will Listen and Listen So Your Kids Will Talk was a book that I read while I was the assistant coordinator of a preschool program.  I made it required reading for the teachers, it's that good!  I'm actually ready to read it again to see if it still coincides with my parenting philosophy, now that I'm a mom.

Attached at the Heart

I am actually an Attached at the Heart parent educator, so I have extensive knowledge about this book.  It's great!

Eclectic Homeschooling:

When people comment "I don't know how you do it!" I assume that they picture us doing school at home for 7 hours a day.  That's so far from our typical day!  We are out and about, learning organically.  You can take a peek into our daily life here.

We do a mix of child-led learning and eclectic homeschooling.  We choose a monthly theme, I pin activities that incorporate all of the subjects, and we learn through daily life.  Each year I print out the grade level expectations and scaffold our learning around them.


Baking together and playing car games where we spell out words or add/subtract are fun ways to learn.  We have an online curriculum that we use, as well as youtube videos, apps, and other online learning.  C also belongs to a co-op where the parents alternate teaching and the kids get to pick out the classes that they are interested in.


Online CurriculumAcellus, MobyMax, and Time for Learning are all recommended curriculum.  I have tried Acellus and Time for Learning. 

Curriculum: I also incorporate activities from WeeFolk Art, The Homegrown Preschooler, and Exploring Nature With Children.  

Simple Budget-Friendly, Beauty Products

I love to use simple, multi-purpose products.  Coconut oil is used for lotion, shaving cream, and to tame my frizzy beach hair.  I also mix it with Castor Oil which is great for wrinkles and for growing your eyelashes.  I used to make my own deodorant, but the baking soda was too harsh for my skin.  So my new favorite, but not budget friendly, deodorant is Piper Wai and it actually works...even in Austin heat.  

As for makeup, I use this tinted moisturizer, fill in my brows with brow shadow (is that even what it's called?), swipe on some mascara, and tinted gloss.  Then I'm out the door with my wet, wavy hair that I let dry naturally.

Simple Style for the Stay-at-Home-Mom

When it comes to style, I like simple and relaxed.  I stick to a minimalist/capsule-ish wardrobe like this.  My wardrobe consists of shorts or stretch pants, flips or my moccasins, and a boyfriend T with a cardigan.  

Simple, Clean Meals

The easier the meal, the better.  I really like The Fresh 20, because the grocery list is minimal and the meals are delicious..well, except when they overdo it on the kale and sweet potatoes.  Those get old, fast!  You can also follow me on Pinterest, for easy, healthy meals.  I even have a few meal plans on there.

My Favorite Books to Bring Personal and Spiritual Growth

The Holy Bible

The Secret

The Celestine Prophecy

Discover the Power Within

A New Earth 

You Can Heal Your Life

A Course in Miracles

The Artist's Way

Big Magic

My Favorite Way to Organize my Life and Incorporate Creativity

Life changing.  My bullet journal has made me more organized and brought my creative side back.  You can watch my flip-through here.

My Bullet Journal



Do you want to try bullet journaling, but don't know where to start or don't feel creative?  Check out my line of handdrawn, printable bullet journal pages!  I'm releasing new ones all the time and a special, hand drawn monthly cover page each month.

Make sure to check out my Pinterest page for more work-from-home ideas, tiny living inspiration, spiritual inspiration, detachment and boundary setting, home decor, tips to slow down and simplify, so that you can live an intentional life.

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