The Evolution of Sovereign Motherhood

Moving forward, this blog will go back to Sovereign Motherhood. It will remain my story. My journey. My path to peace, joy, purpose, and power, despite outside circumstances that oppress me as a woman and mother.

In talking with another fellow entrepreneur and branding expert, she reiterated that as single mothers we always want to support other single mothers and inspire others, but in doing so, it's common to identify in our victim-hood and become stuck in our suffering. Never truly finding our freedom or helping them claim theirs.

Countless times, I've received messages that my story is inspiring. That someone looks up to me. But besides identifying with my story and my pain, or aspiring to continue to stay home or homeschool, I'm not able to help them in tangible ways. Hell, I can't even help myself.

You know what helps? Lawyers. Housing when a woman is experiencing trauma and simultaneously trying to stabilize their lives and heal their soul. Money for groceries. Someone to organize and decorate their outer environment, so that they have a beautiful space to open their eyes in the morning and want to wake up and thrive for another day. Money.

Money talks and it truly helps the women that I want to support.

So this page remains. It remains as encouragement, empowerment, a hand to hold.

But moving forward, I commit to MY Holistic Design BUSINESS. My purpose and passion.

The platform that can and will make me the type of income that can support women in trauma and change the lives of families. The type of business that will inspire others to pull themselves up and out of their circumstances and create inner and outer environments that support their desire for a freedom-filled life and home.

My Sovereign Spaces design business is where I commit to myself and my goals for freedom and purpose. Where I highlight my art and design. Where I can use my money to change the world.

My design business will be a separate website:, but is currently being created. My services can be found at on my Sovereign Motherhood website.

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Going forward, 10% of all income received through Sovereign Spaces will support women in trauma. Through basic resources and when I'm making substantial income, I can fund lawyers fees and housing.

Demand peace. Find joy. Claim your purpose.

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