Closing out the decade STRONG!

I posted this in my facebook group 3 months ago. Since then, I have started renovating a tiny home. I have 3 interior design clients. I am clarifying my brand and my message. I am getting unstuck and out of my own way. I hope the following inspires you to finish out this decade STRONG.

+I have been editing the final draft of my coaching book for over a year. +I have had my holistic home design services listed on my website since last fall and never launched them. +I have been dreaming of being an artist and interior decorator/designer since I was a teenager and I didn't have the courage to pursue it. +I have been trying to focus on my holistic design business and blog for 2 years and couldn't get out of my own way. +I have taken 2 steps forward and 10 steps back on all areas of personal development for the last 6 months. +I have lacked clarity and decisiveness regarding the pieces of my business that bring me joy and that I want to continue to pursue. +I have been so focused on creating an intentional community that I didn't see the opportunities that were opening up all around me. I am an artist, a dreamer, and from this moment forward, a DOER. The next 3 months are going to be the best of my life and the catalyst for releasing myself from the last decade of getting in my own way and allowing my life and my joy to be dictated by trauma, life circumstances, and the actions of others. 2 decades ago, I lost myself in the trauma of my father's death. I was no longer an artist or an aspiring actress and designer. I was broken. The decade after that, I became pregnant with Calvin and that moment was by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love that little boy more than life itself. But as many single mothers can attest to, being tied to an ex that you can never break free from, is one of the worst types of suffering. It has been the worst experience of my life, even rivaling the death of a parent. I feel like my joy as a mother has been stolen from me, due to the stress and psychological chaos that co-parenting with a sick person causes. But it has also been the catalyst for my own unhealed trauma, karmic debt, and my evolution. I have no doubt that forgiveness and love will spring forth from the last decade of pain. I was so focused on his sickness, that I didn't realize how sick I had become myself. I knew that my future would begin the second our custody papers were finalized. Even if I can't live with the outcome, I can find closure and freedom. I have a paper that states the rules and I no longer have to be the bad guy for setting these boundaries. It's now law. I no longer have to defend or explain myself. I no longer have to take the emotional and psychological warfare or constant critique of my parenting and my abilities as a woman and mother. I just have to support and love my son. This decade ends with my freedom. I may have given up our physical freedom, but I traded it for something far greater...our personal sovereignty. I will no longer allow chaos in my inner or outer environment. I will claim my power and sovereignty over all areas of my life, home, and family. I will become the person that I should have become 2 DECADES AGO. And I will no longer remain silent and complicit to the trauma that is being inflicted within family law. My story will be heard and so will all of the stories of the women who are experiencing the same ongoing trauma and were still able to find joy, peace, and purpose, despite all of it. That is true sovereignty. #sovereignmotherhood #sovereignspaces #aligningyourinnerandouterenvironmentswithyourdesires #demandpeacefindjoyclaimyourpurpose #sovereignsinglemotherhood What is your life going to look like in the next month? Which dreams have been put on hold? Who will you return to in the coming decade?

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