Sovereign Motherhood Monthly Full Moon Membership:  2018 Letting Go
Introductory Price: $13 a month

*Access to a secret fb group for members.  It's a safe space to share and be heard in a completely confidential group.

*Daily opportunities to share in the group in order to be seen, to be heard, and to trust your intuition and  process your feelings.

*Monthly virtual member meetings on the full moon

*Monthly prayer, affirmation, journaling prompt, and essential oil, 
on the monthly theme.

*Themes that focus on detaching from the things that prevent peace in our lives and replace them with skills that create content, connected, sovereign mothers.  

Themes include Letting Go of shame, fear, anger, discontentment, etc.

Why will this membership benefit you?

*I believe that we need more exposure to womenwho are different than us. Only then can we heal our prejudices and accept others.

*We cannot do this life alone.  There is a deep need to be heard, to be seen, and to process our feelings without someone telling us what to do.  By sharing we are able to tap into our intuition.

*Hearing similar stories helps us to connect with other women and know that we are not alone in our struggles.

*Sometimes we go through something big and we don't feel safe sharing with our friends, family, or in online groups.  We need strict confidentiality and the space to figure it out without judgment

*Do you ever find yourself panicking and calling everyone to talk about something that is going on in your life? That's exhausting and ends up being more stressful.  Instead of calling everyone, you can post to the group and get anything off your chest.


There is emotional support and women serving us during  pregnancy and immediately following our birth, but who do we turn to when that period is over? Or when we are going through a crisis?  We have friends, family, and mom groups, but it can feel like we are burdening our support systems or are fearful of being judged. 


Have you ever felt like you needed someone that you could reach out to without fear of repercussions?  Someone that you could speak your truth to?  All of it...even the moments that are so shameful that you have never admitted to anyone?  In life, we need to admit our struggles, process them with someone that we trust, and then release them.  


Are you a new mom and in need of some confidence?  Do you need help navigating your transition into single parenting, being a balanced stay-at-home mom, or are you struggling with patience and need someone to process your feelings with? 


I facilitate a monthly virtual circle where we hold space for one another, emotional and educational support through life transitions and all stages of parenting. 

We will hold space for you to open up about your feelings, provide guidance and referrals for any resources that you need, and mentor you, so you can learn skills to help you become the strongest version of yourself.   I can also help you establish routines or discuss ways to structure your home to help your day flow more effectively. 


*Educational, emotional, and nurturing guidance

*Unlimited Monthly Journaling Access through fb messsenger: 24 hour response time M-F 

*Emergency Support by phone for additional fee


Emergency Phone Support

$33 per 30 minute phone call

Is there a crisis and you need someone to support you and listen, offer guidance, and possible resources?  Available for last minute support, by appointment.



Sovereign Motherhood Full Moon Membership (coming soon!)



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