Holistic Home Design

Holistic home design services using art, color, symbolism,  intuitive feng shui, and energy healing to design sovereign spaces that you love...on a budget!   Specializing in family friendly, Multi-purpose, Small space, Creative design solutions using budget friendly, diy, and re-purposed decor.  

Are you in need of a re-purposed space, but unsure of where to start?  Does the idea of creating a home with intention and purpose appeal to you?   

Our homes have energy and it can be blocked by improper placement of furniture or stuck energy from trauma within the home.  This is especially true for a new home or following a divorce. This is a time for a fresh start and it's important to clear your space for the new life you want to create within your home.  


Sometimes we forget the importance our physical space has on our well-being and we can't connect the stress that is caused by the clutter in our minds and homes.  When you do not feel comfortable or content within your physical environment, it affects all areas of your life. De-cluttering your emotional and physical space and simplifying your life is crucial to your well-being.  If you are stressed and overwhelmed, something is out of alignment and your priorities and needs are not being met.  


 Few people realize the importance of your physical space on your mental well-being and don't think that they can afford interior decorating services.  But, with some re-purposing, re-arranging, and creativity, you can create a warm, welcoming environment, regardless of budget. 


What is an Intentional Home?


What if each item in your home was there, because you truly loved it, it was bought with intention, and served a purpose? 

An intentional home is comprised of objects, practices, and rituals that are infused with thought and purpose.  It is warm and inviting. It is there to serve it's people and not for it's people to be held captive by it's tasks and upkeep.

How Can I Help?

I work with families to co-create intentional homes through the use of purposeful decor, re-purposing items, and the de-cluttering of the physical and energetic space.

Since childhood, I have been decorating and re-purposing spaces.  I have been told that I can turn any space into a home! And I’ve had some ugly spaces....I can walk into a space and intuitively sense how things would flow better or appeal visually.  


I specialize in working with the unique struggles of families, such as utilizing small spaces for families on a budget or creating kid-friendly, multi-purpose spaces.    I visualize ways to create a home that fits your specific needs. I love bringing life to a home that is no longer working for you. By seeing old spaces and updating them with budget-friendly solutions, such as re-purposing a piece of furniture or borrowing furniture from another room.  I can also create a mood board to help you visualize what to look for while you scour yard sales for the perfect budget item. Or maybe you want a fresh start with all new items. I can create a Concept Boards with Shoppable Links for each item.


I offer virtual e-design services, that are all done online,  as well as, in-person intuitive, re-purposing and decorating. I can even stay in your space, while you are on vacation, in order to get a sense of the space and you can return to a new, re-purposed home!

Depending on your location and the needs of your family, we can develop a personalized program and strategy to re-decorate your home, tackle the clutter, and/or update some of your current pieces.  If you would like individualized support to re-purpose, rearrange, or decorate your home, I offer specialized services per room or for your entire home.  

For an e-design plan, you will receive access to a Pinterest mood board that we co-create.  This gives me an idea of the vibe and style that you desire for your space. You will also receive a concept board that simplifies the design and gives you options to shop from.  For an additional cost, you can also add on a floor plan of the space to help with furniture placement or to re-arrange the space. In addition to your e-design package, you will receive a month's worth of virtual accountability, to answer any questions and help you implement the design in your space.

Holistic design packages


$44  Pre-designed Shoppable Mood Boards

Current designs with shoppable links.  These are pre-made and not custom to a client’s space.  


$222 Single Room E-Design 

Custom Concept Board with Shoppable links

($111 For closet, pantry, or bathroom design)


$333 Single Room E-Design with Floor Plan

Custom Concept board with shoppable links and a detailed floor plan to help design and arrange the space. ($222 for closet, pantry, or bathroom design)


Entire Home E-design (10% off entire package with the purchase of 3 or more individual rooms)

Includes shoppable mood boards for the entire home, including closets and bathrooms.  


Entire Home E-design with Floor Plan (10% off entire package with the purchase of 3 or more individual rooms)

Custom mood board with shoppable links and a detailed floor plan for the entire space.  Custom quote and flat fee for tiny homes and camper remodels.


$100 In-home Consultation 

Up to 2 hour consultation to do an intuitive walk-through of the home, discuss the family’s wants/needs for the space, and the holistic needs of the family and home. 


$50 In-Home Design (hourly fee)

Hourly fee for in-home design services, which can include implementation and execution of the e-design, one-on-one organizing, re-arranging furniture, re-purposing of items or spaces, painting or mural design, custom re-finishing or DIY services, and personal shopping.  


Custom re-finishing or DIY services (Custom Quote)

Do you love one-of-a-kind pieces or value a home that is created with purpose and intention for your family and the environment?  I love to re-purpose and update pieces that you already own or that I find, create custom DIY decor ideas that you see on Pinterest, or hack budget IKEA finds.   


A-la Carte Services (Custom quote)

Do you need a fresh eye for your space?  Color recommendation for the holistic needs of your family?  Or an energy clearing of the space? Reach out for a custom price for any service.  


Custom Holistic Art Design (custom quote)

I create holistic art designs using symbolism found in nature (color therapy, animal totems, botanicals, and sacred geometry) to manifest the intentions that you have for your life.  I can design murals, re-finish furniture with the designs, or create custom wallpaper.  

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