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Creating Community for Freedom-Seeking Families

Society is restructuring itself.  We are recognizing that the current structure is not supportive of families and raising our children in isolation is leading to increased stress and unhappiness. As more families are being drawn towards pooling resources and living in community; affordable, established options are not available.  


I believe that the solution is to create opportunities for families to live cooperatively with current resources, through sharing housing or land, while we plan out larger scale cost-effective, intentional communities.


 This group is for you, if...

⧫You strive to simplify your life, live cooperatively, and be present, conscious, intentional parents for your children.

⧫You have a desire to live in community, share resources, raise your children with a built-in support system. You long to create a freedom-filled life that allows you to work less, build up businesses, continue to stay home and/or homeschool your children with other families.

⧫You are a solo/single parent, you are married and raising your child in a two-parent family, or you have a partner that you parent with. 

⧫You have an immediate need for affordable housing and/or you want to live cooperatively with other families, for short-term or long-term.   Have a need or an offer for inexpensive, free, or bartered housing or land.

⧫You have extra rooms or separate living spaces to offer; or land for families to park a camper or tiny home, for short-term or long-term needs.

⧫You want to connect with families and create an intentional community from the ground up.

⧫You desire to connect with other traveling/
roadschooling families who want to live cooperatively and travel (caravan) together or meet-up on the road.

⧫You have knowledge of affordable properties, campsites, or family-focused, intentional communities that already exist.

⧫You are not currently looking for anything, but are interested in joining the conversation, meeting local families for fellowship/meetups, or for discussing strategies to create larger scale communities.


The benefits of living in community, include:

⧫Lowering your cost of living, which allows parents to leave unhealthy marriages, work less and share childcare with other families, or continue to be a stay-at-home parent or homeschool their children.

⧫Sharing duties which allows you to simplify your life, slow down, and be present for your children.

⧫Homeschooling with other families and built-in playmates for your children.  

⧫Having a built-in support system for single parenting or during stressful life transitions, such as death, illness, divorce.

⧫Allowing parents to have more time for self-care, to relax, take up hobbies, or build a business, because children have a village of extended family and friends.


With free membership to this directory, you get:

⧫Access to the private FB group FB Group: Sovereign Living where you can network with other families, post that you are searching or offering cooperative housing, and/or brainstorm ways to create community, on a smaller scale, in our local neighborhoods.

⧫Access to the directory that lives within the FB group.

⧫Newsletters with the updated directory and resources for cooperative living.


Does this sound amazing to you?  Sign up below for free access to the directory:





Upgraded Advertisement Listing: 

If you have an immediate need, want more visibility, or support the continued work of this movement, then listing on the Directory Document, is a perfect choice!  


Your listing will be placed on the document, that lives in the Sovereign Living FB group and on my website. It will be in the files section and in the pinned post in the group. You are able to "bump" the listing 1x per week.


                                         Listings are $33 per listing/ per year.


Link to register is within the group and in the receipt that you receive from filling out the Membership Registration

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