Adjective: Possessing supreme or ultimate power

Synonyms:  supreme, boundless, unlimited, unconditional, autonomous, self-governing, self-determining.






Do you have the courage to drop the labels, follow your intuition, and take back society's power to define what your life looks like?  It's time for you to claim your sovereignty as a woman and mother.

Your role as a mother is sacred and valuable, you are enough, and you can choose to live your life on your own terms.  Your child's well-being, and the world as a whole, is directly tied to your ability to follow your intuition, diminish stressors, and design a life that you love. 


Demand peace.  Find joy.  Claim your purpose. 

Remember who you are. 


Hello, I’m Elizabeth "Yidzie" Klebart.  I’m a homeschooling (single)mom, entrepreneur, children's rights advocate, the creator behind the Sovereign Motherhood blog and holistic design service, Sovereign Spaces. 


In 2018, I got rid of the majority of our possessions and left behind a life that was no longer working for us.  It has been a series of unfolding, allowing, finding, and becoming my true self.  I wish I could say that it has all been an adventure, but the reality has been very difficult and heartbreaking at times.  Each day is a choice and I have been choosing to follow my inner guidance, doing the “next right thing”, and watching our future unfold.

I believe that my strength and my intuition were activated during my pregnancy, but as my life became over-filled, over-whelming, and chaotic, I lost that inner guidance.   I knew that I needed to simplify my life and detach from what no longer served me so that I could tap into that power again, claim my purpose, and allow my true self to unfold.   Embracing my sovereignty was about reclaiming my power to govern and rule my own life.

Since my pregnancy, I have found ways to continue to stay home, while supporting my family of two. I love all the tasks of being a homemaker and I believe that staying home with your children and/or homeschooling, should be accessible to all families that desire that.


​I used personal strategies, spiritual practices, and the art of detachment to create massive change within my own life.  When you simplify your life, and detach from the emotional and physical attachments that no longer serve you, you are able to create space for the things that you desire.  It's my passion to use holistic design to guide other mothers through this process of detachment and realignment, so that we find our peace, joy and

purpose, and it can flow out to our children and then the world.

This is my story.   My journey back to myself.  Join me as I rethink home, get back to the basics, and design a life that I love.  I pray that it inspires you to be courageous in your pursuit of happiness.   Your life is waiting for you.


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Sovereign Motherhood is an online space where conscious mothers can gain inspiration and empowerment to design their own freedom-filled life.  100% of all  donations to Sovereign Motherhood and 10% of profits from my Sovereign Spaces services goes to support stay-at-home and homeschooling mothers who are experiencing post-separation abuse and trauma.  The funding helps them to secure housing and resources to support themselves during their transition.  My goal is to give mothers the space to heal, while keeping  their lifestyle stable and consistent for their children.   

My goal is to change the world through the way that we love our children, but first, we must love ourselves and follow our intuition for our own lives.   Through holistic lifestyle and home design, I support mothers in co-creating intuitive, intentional, and freedom-filled inner and outer environments.  When you design an authentic life and home with peace, joy, and purpose, you create space to  heal, so that you can guide your family back to their center.   

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love, elizabeth

Hello!  Elizabeth here!

Homeschooling, (single)mom, entrepreneur, unintentional minimalist, creator, and freedom-seeker.  Just trusting my intuition, following my curiosity, and remembering who I AM.  Designing a life and home that I love!

Follow my little family's adventures in life,  homeschooling, entrepreneurship, and travel.  

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